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Golden Antelope Group carries out "warm Mid-Autumn Festival care with each other" to visit the volunteer activities of members of poor families

Date:2019-09-23 Hits:
    Golden autumn is refreshing, warm Mid-Autumn Festival. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, in September, Golden Antelope Group offered Festival condolences to the hard workers in its subordinate enterprises and visited the poor families with Rainbow Community and Rural Town Community so that they could feel the care of the Party and the government.

    Every family in need, members of Jinling Group volunteers and community workers send rice, oil and other condolences, and then have a cordial conversation with them, carefully inquire about their physical condition, living conditions and difficulties, advise them to take care of their health, and suggest that they communicate with the community more, and the community will try its best to help them solve the difficulties. The family of the veterans who are seriously ill said, "Thank you very much for the concern and concern of the Party and the government. Every festival, you all bring gifts to your door to offer condolences. I am really touched. With your company, our festival is no longer lonely.

    Comrade Pan Haoxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jinling Group, and Comrade McHanrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Commission, went to the grass-roots level to console the workers with difficulties, to understand their work, living conditions and family difficulties in detail, and to affirm their hard work in their posts and their positive contributions to the development of enterprises. At the same time, the Party Committee of the Group always takes the life of the workers in difficulty into consideration, and sends them the concern and care of the organization, at the same time, greetings and blessings of the festival.

    Through this visit, the hardship families in the community and the hardship workers in the group enterprises felt the festival atmosphere and were encouraged spiritually. One condolences and one caring word warmed the hearts of the masses and shortened the distance between the masses and Party members'volunteers.