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Excellent quality and Brilliant years
  • 2023year Distributed photovoltaic power generation projects are connected to the grid for power generation,taking the first step in the green and low-carbon transformation of energy.
  • 2022year The official completion and use of Jinling Technology Industrial Park lays a solid foundation for the future development of Jinling Group.
  • 2021year 1.Jiangmen Jinling Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise. 2.Building Jinling Technology Industrial Park and Accelerating the Construction of Intelligent Home Appliance Industry Cluster.
  • 2019year Establish scientific research cooperation with Haixi Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2018year A number of enterprises were rated as high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province.
  • 2017year 1. Establish scientific research cooperation with the Key Laboratory of Photoelectric Material Chemistry and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2. As a famous export enterprise in Guangdong Province, it has been awarded the Top Ten Enterprises in China's household appliances industry for many years.
  • 2013year The company set up Jinling Industrial Park in Jiangmen High-tech Zone, adhering to the development concept of "Smart Golden Antelope", and constantly research and develop intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection household appliances, which are developing in the direction of globalization, diversification and modernization.
  • 2012year 1. He was awarded the third prize of "China Household Appliances Science and Technology Progress Award". 2. Increasing capital and expanding production of drum washing machines, with annual capacity of 1 million drum washing machines and 1 million wave-wheel washing machines, has become the largest professional washing machine factory in South China.
  • 2008year A series of health washing machines with more humanized design have been developed, such as silver ion sterilization photoelectric detection.
  • 2006year Establish strategic alliance with Italian CANDY Group and introduce drum washing machine project.
  • 2004year Golden antelope washing machine won the title of "China's famous brand products" and "national inspection-free products" again.
  • 2003year According to the organization of the Economic and Trade Commission of Guangdong Province, the Group Technology Center is the key enterprise technology center of Guangdong Province.
  • 2001year The first batch of Jinling brand washing machine was awarded the title of "China famous brand product", the first batch was awarded the title of "national inspection-free product" and the title of national demonstration enterprise of CAD application engineering.
  • 2000year Jointly with Tsinghua University, a refresher course for postgraduate students of Jin Antelope Group of Tsinghua University was held and a "postgraduate workstation" was established.
  • 1999year We should take the road of internationalization, develop both domestic and foreign markets at the same time, and implement the "going global" development strategy.
  • 1998year As a group leader, we have completed the task of compiling the national standard of "Basic Performance Testing Requirements for Fuzzy Control Technology of Washing Machines" issued by the State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Technical Supervision Bureau.
  • 1997year Golden antelope washing machine passed UL certification for the first time in China; in the same year, the first domestic washing machine passed 7300 trouble-free operation tests in the national laboratory.
  • 1996year 1. Passed the ISO 9001 certification. 2. It has been listed as one of the first 73 large-scale enterprise groups in Guangdong Province which focus on supporting development.
  • 1995year It has been certified as a large first-class enterprise by six ministries and commissions of the state.
  • 1994year 1. Establishment of Golden Antelope Group; in the same year, a joint venture with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan was established to operate air conditioners by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Golden Antelope Air Conditioner Co., Ltd; and a joint venture with Heji Electric Group of Hong Kong was established to operate washing machines by Golden Antelope Electrical Appliances Co 2. Undertake the national key technology development project "Application of Fuzzy Control Technology in Washing Machines", and take the lead in developing a modern international advanced level of Fuzzy Control (AI) automatic washing machine, which was awarded the "Eighth Five-Year" National Outstanding Project Award for Technological Innovation".
  • 1990year He won the National Quality Award (Silver Award, only three in the country).
  • 1988year The output value and sales volume exceed 100 million yuan.
  • 1984year R&D and production of China's first batch of fully automatic washing machines (registered trademark: Golden Antelope), the next year to achieve profit from loss.
  • 1983year Establish Jiangmen Washing Machine Factory.
  • 1979year Washing machine development team was established, and successfully produced the first automatic washing machine in China (registered trademark: Bailian).