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  • Golden Antelope Group carries out "warm Mid-Autumn Festival care with each other" to visit the volunteer activities of members of poor families     Golden autumn is refreshing, warm Mid-Autumn F
  • Golden Autumn Brightness, Hard-hearted Workers —— Golden Antelope Group Golden Antelope Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Condolences Mid-Autumn Festival    On the afternoon of September 6, Jinling Electr
  • Jiangmen Washing Machine Factory actively implements the Action Plan for Safety Production and Safety Protection in Jiangmen City     In order to implement the action plan of Jiang
  • SASAC organized Jinling Group to investigate Heshan World Games Circuit Co., Ltd.     On September 5, Zhao Chongjing, deputy directo
  • Golden Antelope Group carries out a major inspection of safety in production and fire safety of "risk prevention, safety and welcoming Daqing"     Recently, according to the requirement of "Jia
  • Traffic Safety, Start with me inling Group Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Jinling Air Condition
  • Make concerted efforts to seek common development - The Leader of the Party Committee of Jinling Group goes deep into the grass-roots investigation     On the morning of September 5, Comrade Pan Hao
  • Jinling Group organizes and carries out the publicity activities of "Xi Jinping's Outline for Learning Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era"     Recently, Jinling Group organized a publicity
  • The Party Committee of Jinling Group conducts grass-roots research on the theme of "never forget the first intention and remember the mission"     On the morning of August 29, 2019, members of
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